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The Edge, by Ashva

The Edge by Ashva project in Hyderabad is a prestigious residential development with a built up area of 70,000 sqft. It comprises of three basement levels and a four-story building, built in a challenging terrain with a focus on form finish.

One of the main challenges faced during the construction of this project was the difficult terrain it was built on. The site presented a number of challenges, including a complex topography that required extensive earthworks. The USP of this project is the impressive “form finish” surfaces, which are the latest trend in modern luxury building design. Achieving these surfaces required a high level of care and supervision. The company also brought in highly skilled shuttering workers to execute the work with precision, ensuring the final result was exactly as the architect had envisioned.

The end result is a beautiful building that showcases Navya Constructions’ commitment to delivering high-quality work, even in challenging conditions. The attention to detail and dedication to excellence evident in the “form finish” surfaces set The Edge by Ashva apart from other residential developments and are sure to be a source of pride for all involved.